Malibu Hypnotherapy and Yoga

Time for a change.....

This class meeting in my home on Point Dume for 1hour during 4 consecutive weeks. 
The class will cover scientific research about how meditation affects the brain and improve our ability to function from our full potential. The importance of posture, although we will be sitting on chairs. The power of the breath to bring us into the present moment and enter the state of meditation. The correlation between the breath and the mind.Ways to explore and describe the state of meditation based on the ancient wisdom traditions of the east. Mantra repetition and the reason for it. The flow of energy in the subtle body and the chakra system. 
Every session has time for sharing and questions about your own practice. What is conceptually taught will also be experienced in guided meditation sessions. You will be encouraged to practice daily.
These classes are taught every month.
Give me a call to find out date and time for the next class if you want to attend. 
cost: $60