Malibu Hypnotherapy and Yoga

Time for a change.....

Phone Sessions

In hypnosis we create a state of deep trance and relaxation. This can easily be done over the phone. All you need is a space where you can be undisturbed, a comfortable coach, and headphones or a speakerphone. In the comfort and safety of your own home we can then work on areas in your life where you chose to create more balance and harmony.

I work with people all over the country as easily as if they came into my office here in Malibu. First we talk about the issues and then I will guide you into a deep trance state. At the end of a session you will be comfortably relaxed and at the same time energized. The effects will usually last for about a week.

I can also accomodate late hour sessions for those of you who lead very busy lives.

Give me a call for a free consultation over the phone 310-457-7672